The Ultimate End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End of tenancy cleaning for offices

For tenants who want to secure their deposit and landlords who want their property re-occupied as soon as possible, the end of tenancy cleaning is crucial. Tenants must make sure they plan ahead and, if possible, start cleaning a week or two (at least) before moving out, otherwise, there may be a risk of losing the deposit

End of tenancy cleaning can be a time-consuming process, but if you have time, it might be cheaper to do it yourself than hire an external cleaning company to do the job for you – especially if you are a student. 

If not, a professional clean offers a stress-free route to a top-quality cleaning job. As London’s leading cleaning company, End of Tenancy Cleaning London can give your property a thorough clean in no time at all. 

For now, landlords and tenants can use our end of tenancy cleaning checklist to make sure no stone is left unturned in getting the property looking spotless – including those tricky to clean items, like limescale and mould. 



The kitchen is one of the most used rooms and is exposed to grease, food stains, bacteria and mould. So you’ve got to be meticulous when cleaning this area. Here are the tasks you must complete: 

  • Clean and descale sinks and taps.
  • Wash, wipe and polish all worktops, countertops and surfaces.
  • Clean cabinets, drawers and shelving.
  • Remove accumulated limescale.
  • Wipe wall tiles.
  • Clean and degrease ovens (interior and exterior).
  • Remove grime from extractors and hobs.
  • Turn off and defrost the refrigerator – get rid of grime and food deposits.
  • Clean dishwasher (interior and exterior).
  • Clean microwaves (interior and exterior).
  • Clean washing machine (interior and exterior).
  • Wash the soap drawer and filters.
  • Clean exterior of all appliances, including kettle and toaster.
  • Sanitise bins and take the rubbish out.
  • Stack and arrange cutlery and kitchen utensils.
  • Clean windows from within and wipe down sills, ledges and frames.
  • Dust off plugs and light switches.
  • Vacuum, mop and polish floors.
  • Wash tile floors.
  • Stack and arrange cutlery and utensils.
  • Wipe down radiators.


Washing machine 

  • Clean and sanitise the drum from 
  • clean filters and the rubber seal
  • Clean the soap dispenser drawer 
  • Wipe handles 
  • Move the machine away from the wall and vacuum behind it 
  • Relate and clean underneath and behind      

Oven and microwave 

  • Clean the oven, hob and grill
  • Clean the extractor fan 
  • Clean and wipe off grime from the microwave 
  • Clean the exterior and get rid of any stains 
  • Wipe all buttons 

Living Room

Your living room is exposed to dust, and carpets can get dirty over time. Here’s what to do to get it looking spotless:

  • Dust off cobwebs
  • Clean and polish mirrors, glass surfaces and picture frames
  • Clean windows (interior).
  • Wipe dust from curtain rails
  • Wipe doors and door tops 
  • Dust off skirting boards
  • Clean sockets and switches
  • Clean cupboards (interior and exterior)
  • Clean wooden furniture (behind, underneath, top)
  • Polish all surfaces
  • Vacuum upholstery and cushions
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep hard flooring before mopping 


Bedrooms are another important area to get spotless. An accumulation of dust and dirt would be your main concern here. Make sure you cross these tasks off your list:

  • Get rid of any cobwebs on ceilings and corners.
  • Clean skirting boards.
  • Dust cupboards and shelves.
  • Check doors and dust off any from the tops.
  • Wipe dirt off curtain rails.
  • Vacuum curtains and dust off blinds.
  • Wipe and polish mirrors and other wall decor.
  • Remove any stains with a gentle detergent, or repaint dirty spots on the walls.
  • Clean power sockets and extension cords (please do this carefully).
  • Vacuum all mattresses.
  • Vacuum and mop floors.
  • Dust off all light fittings and lampshades.
  • Wipe switches.


Bathrooms are exposed to dirt and moisture on a daily basis. Completing these tasks are essential for ensuring you get your deposit back:

  • Clean basins, taps and fittings.
  • Deep clean the toilet with bleach (and bidet if there’ is one).
  • Wipe all watermarks from tiles and sinks.
  • Wipe marks and streaks from shower screens or curtains.
  • Scrub and rinse bathtub marks. 
  • Clean showerheads and faucets and remove limescale from surfaces.
  • Wipe reachable bathroom tiles.
  • Use a drain unblocker so that all basins drain off properly. 
  • Wipe and polish all glass and mirrors.
  • Clean the extractor fan.
  • Wipe and polish radiators and towel rails.


It’s important to vacuum, clean, and wipe any furnishings – you can temporarily move furniture to another area so you can clean underneath. Don’t forget to: 

  • Wipe and polish tables, countertops and other surfaces
  • Wipe and polish wooden units
  • Vacuum cushions
  • Clean any upholstery, including removing any stains


Carpets are a notorious sticking point, especially if riddled with stains. We suggest you hire a carpet cleaner or arrange for a professional to tackle carpets, but here’s what you can do, at the very least:

  • Move any furniture around temporarily so you can vacuum carpets thoroughly. 
  • Vacuum carpet edges.
  • Steam clean if you can.

Here are some more tips and tricks for end of lease cleaning from our team of experts.


Why you should hire End of Tenancy Cleaning London

As you can see from our end of tenancy clean checklist, a comprehensive clean requires a lot of hard work. Hiring a professional cleaning company will have several benefits for tenants, including peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a specialised service to secure the return of your deposit. As moving can be stressful, cleaning is one less thing to worry about – you can focus on other matters. 

For many years, our customers have been satisfied by the services we provide, ensuring the best results for you and a thorough clean of your property. 

Whether you’re a landlord looking to provide a clean property for your next tenant or a tenant wanting to ensure they receive their full deposit back, we’re here to help.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services will exceed your expectations. We’ve simplified the booking process for you with our easy booking system, or you can just get in touch, and one of our friendly team members will happily answer any questions you might have.