What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning? 

End of tenancy cleaning for offices

End of tenancy cleaning is the type of cleaning required when a tenant moves out of a rented property, and this deep clean can be done by either a landlord or a tenant. It’s a necessary process that needs to be carried out, and it gives the landlord security that the property is spotless and disinfected before new tenants move in. 

Cleaning continues to be the most common area of disputes between tenants and landlords at the end of their contract—as a tenant, you need to check your rental agreement thoroughly because an end of tenancy clean will most likely be a requirement in order to receive your deposit back. 

To avoid any uncertainty, many tenants hire professional end of tenancy cleaning experts like us. As London’s leading cleaning company, we have highly-skilled cleaners who work quickly and efficiently to leave any space in pristine condition. 

EOT cleaning is an integral part of every property relocation, no matter whether it is domestic or commercial. Take a look at the topics we’ll cover below, from cleaning for landlords and tenants, to commercial cleaning and more.


End of tenancy cleaning for landlords 

Professional end of tenancy cleaning for landlords might be required when a landlord wishes to make the property they’re leasing more attractive to potential renters. If you’re a landlord, you may have been left with a property that hasn’t been cleaned to the standard that is needed to then show the new tenants. 

Although you can clean your own rental property if you wish, you’ll need to consider if you’re up to the task. Are you confident that you can clean at a professional level? Have you got enough time to carry out the clean? Otherwise, you might need to hire a company to take over. 

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, it’s important for both landlord and tenant to know their rights—the Tenant Fees Act 2019 came into force in June 2020 and under the legislation, it’s illegal for landlords to charge tenants certain fees. The act aims to make rental contracts and associated fees clearer to tenants, and we will look into this in more detail in this guide.

This guide will also cover what to do when your tenant has left a mess—explaining how you could clean for yourself or hire a cleaning crew. We get into the specifics of what a house cleaning involves—from cleaning ovens and vacuuming to tackling kitchens and bathrooms

In the case of landlords, a common question that arises is whether tenants should pay for end of tenancy cleaning. While landlords can no longer insert professional cleaning clauses demanding tenants routinely pay for a clean or charge a tenant outright for an end of tenancy clean, they can recoup costs if the tenant has left the property in an unsatisfactory condition—allowing for fair wear and tear. 

So landlords are well within their legal rights to use the tenant’s deposit to pay for professional cleaning services if certain conditions aren’t met.


End of tenancy cleaning for tenants

Similarly, end of tenancy cleaning for tenants might be needed when a tenant is vacating a rental and wants to make sure their deposit is returned by the landlord, without complaints. For this, tenants need to carry out a top to bottom clean of the rental. 

It’s also important for tenants to know their rights, and be sure of what they can and can’t be charged for. Although they can be charged for rent and late payment of rent, for example, The 2019 Act mentioned above says that tenants can’t be charged for cleaning outright.

When it comes to charging tenants that have moved out, a landlord could charge for damages like holes in walls, burnt carpets and even broken property. The worst case scenario would be going to court over a matter—if your deposit doesn’t cover the cost and there’s a disagreement for example. We’ll give more details on this, including what is and isn’t property damage.

We will also share tips for end of lease cleaning, highlighting key areas to focus on when carrying out an end of tenancy clean. Our ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklist will ensure you leave no stone unturned. You’ll also get information on how to tackle limescale, black mould and stains—some of the trickiest things to clean at the end of your tenancy.


End of tenancy cleaning for offices 

Cleaning a business is very different from cleaning a home, and in the end of tenancy cleaning for offices section, we explain how, listing some of the key differences between how you might clean both. It’s important to plan ahead so the building is cleaned as close as possible to the handing over of keys date—this is to ensure it remains in the best condition when handing over the keys. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning, services offered vary from company to company, but most will have the industrial equipment and staff ready to carry out everything from dusting desks and emptying bins to industrial carpet cleaning and window cleaning. 

We’ll round off this section by letting you know what you can expect from our commercial office cleaning services.


Is end of tenancy cleaning worth it?

End of tenancy cleaning is worth it because our pricing plans are carefully tailored to fit the requirements of our customers—there are no hidden fees and no unfair expenses. You simply get charged for the services you get.

Because you’ll have the property restored to perfect condition, it’s a good investment—even though you’ll pay for our service, you will get your rental deposit back.

You’ll save much time and energy your relocation requires anyway, so ultimately reduces the stress and strain of the whole experience.


Why choose End Of Tenancy?

We guarantee you the best results when you hire our services. We will approach your particular project with the professionalism and care it deserves. 

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing End of Tenancy to complete your cleaning.

Get your full deposit back

With perfect results, we will ensure that you receive your full deposit back. 

Industry-leading equipment

As a professional cleaning company that’s dedicated to providing the best cleaning services, we do our job quickly and efficiently, using professional industry equipment to ensure the highest standards for you.

Highly-skilled cleaners

We’ve specialised in end of tenancy cleaning for years. We will vacuum, polish floors, and sanitise bathrooms and kitchens thoroughly. We pay the utmost attention to the detail and will leave all areas spotless.

– Saving you time

While it might take you days, our experienced team can complete the job in hours. We will work to the highest standards to carry out a comprehensive clean while you focus on other areas like sorting your belongings, moving into your next property, or preparing for the new tenant.

Flexible schedule 

What’s more, we can schedule the clean around your convenience—Book the experts on a date and time that suits your schedule—we guarantee the cleaners will be there promptly to sanitise your space. 


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