What Does House Cleaning Involve?

End of tenancy cleaning for tenants

As a landlord, arranging a property clean for a tenant moving out can seem like a headache. You’ve got to find a professional cleaning company, figure out what you want them to do and ensure everything is up to standard before the next tenant moves in, and this can be an even bigger headache when the previous tenant has left a mess

But what does end of tenancy cleaning include? And how much does a full house cleaning service cost? 


What happens during a deep cleaning house service?

The end of tenancy cleaning company you have hired will arrive within the time frame you arranged when booking. You don’t have to be present for the cleaning – you can take this opportunity to run errands or get some work done.

The cleaners will start by looking at their cleaning checklist, which has been agreed with you ahead of time, to see what jobs you want them to do, whether that’s carrying out an end of tenancy carpet clean, washing the walls or cleaning the windows. 

Then they will get cracking with the end of tenancy deep clean, starting at the top of a room and working their way down. This is so that any dust and debris will fall on the floor, to be cleaned away at the end. 

Typically, an end of tenancy cleaning checklist will include tasks such as: 

  • Cleaning the oven
  • Clearing any cobwebs from ceilings and corners 
  • Washing the walls
  • Cleaning sockets and light switches
  • Cleaning the carpet 
  • Vacuuming everywhere
  • Mopping the floors 
  • Cleaning windows 
  • Cleaning white goods 
  • Cleaning the toilets and bathrooms
  • Polishing any wooden fittings
  • Cleaning out and disinfecting cupboards
  • Cleaning out and disinfecting the fridge/freezer

This can, of course, vary and include other tasks, depending on your needs. 

As end of tenancy cleaning will take some time, many of our clients leave during the clean, so they can get some work done at the office, do some errands at home or even take themselves out for a treat now the burden of tidying your rental property is off your shoulders. This also leaves the way for our team to get on with what they are best at – cleaning – without the worry of hoovering under your feet! 

If there is a particular job you need doing that you aren’t sure an end of tenancy clean will cover, chat to customer services, and they will be happy to assist you. We have helped a range of clients and cleaned all sorts of properties – no job is too big or too small. 


How long does a house cleaning take?

The time it takes to do a house clean can vary, depending on the size of the house and the amount of cleaning it needs. Typically an end of tenancy clean can range from a few hours to a day’s work for a team of professionals. The best bet is to get a quote from the company – their experts can offer predictions for how long a job should take, so you can better arrange your day around it.


How much does a house cleaning cost? 

Prices can vary substantially for house cleaning across businesses. While our own prices start at just £90, some others charge extortionate fees for a clean comparable to a much cheaper option. It’s important to get a range of quotes for the job and to ultimately choose the company you’re most comfortable with. 

At the end of the day, an end of tenancy clean is supposed to save you time and money, so whatever you choose, it will be cheaper than taking the time to do the job yourself. 


Deep cleaning services in London: Why hire End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of Tenancy Cleaning London are experts in their field and have a long tradition of jobs well done. Our friendly team of highly trained professionals are happy to help with whatever cleaning issues you might have. A quick look at our homepage will show you our hard-working team and a few of the 5-star testimonials we’ve received. 

Ask for a quote by filling in our online booking form. One of our awesome team members will get back to you as soon as possible with your thorough quote or to talk through your cleaning needs. Or, if you prefer to speak to a human straight away, you can call us on 020 33 711 200.