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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Camberwell

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Camberwell

Bromley is a fast growing district owing to its metropolitan nature. More buildings are coming up due to this growth. As a result, people are moving in and out, and property must remain clean. Cleaning is a taxing job for both the mover and the owner. EOT cleaning services, thus, comes in handy at such a situation.

The company

leave these items behind when you move homesEOT has been around for years. The company saw the need of cleaning services on property in Bromley, and seeks to meet it. We have cleaned many rented spaces, and we owe our polished skill to this fact. We all know that experience is important in professional work, and we are glad we have it.

We do not do indoor cleaning only. We work on lawns, the garage, the fences, and the surrounding of the house too. If you are thinking of renovation, do not worry about how to get rid of the excess material. The thought of renovating gives a picture of cement and sand all over the place; nails and broken glass lying around etc. Rid of the headache by booking us once you start the process. Our company does the cleaning of offices and commercial spaces too. We are available to the towns in Bromley at friendly costs. Our work is done fast, yet efficiently.

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Why hire EOT?

There are many benefits for hiring our company. First of all, we have the right equipment for the job. We have ladders, lawn mowers, and plumbing tools, name them. If you are having trouble with cleaning the roof, we have people in our team to do that. If the waste cement, stone or metal is too heavy, we have enough people to do the job for you.

There is always that tough stain that refuses to go away. Did you know that that stubborn stain which lingers in your cleaning can actually be done away with? Our years of being in the field have taught us how to deal with various stains. Your landlord/landlady should not refuse to refund your deposit because of this. Call us for a peaceful and clean move-out.

Another thing that is a plus with our company is that we work in all seasons in Bromley. If you are planning to move during winter, do not shy away from calling us. Contact us in winter, summer, autumn and spring. We also have spring cleaning after winter and your house will be as good as new.

We clean all surfaces including stoves and fridges. Your bathroom and toilet will be restored to sparkles. Your tiles and floor will shine again. We do carpet cleaning too. A client can book services online, via our website or call us- contacts are on the website too.

EOT at Bromley keeps time. We know that every person values their time, and so do we. We arrive on time as long as the client has given clear directions. EOT ensures that all the cleaning is done in 4 hours for homes. We strive to keep this up even in future. We deploy our workers in number according to the amount of work you have, to ensure that we do not take too much time.

Finally, EOT gives opinions on the whole cleaning process. For example, we may advise you on what you can sell instead of filling up the junk. We will help you donate what you do not need, yet can be used by someone else. We will even suggest reputable moving companies if you are in need. We hope to keep you as our client so all this is done consciously.

Bromley discounts

Are you aware that we give discounts to our clients? First of all, if you are a regular customer at EOT, we obviously have great discounts for you. You are gift to our company and we want to keep you.

Secondly, we have holiday offers. We know how the kids can mess up everything when they are out of school. Relax and enjoy with your kids, for we are here for you. Check out our Christmas packs and book us early in advance.

Thirdly, if we are cleaning all your spaces, that is, the office/shop and house, we will make you an affordable deal. We love it when our clients call us again for end of tenancy cleaning. We also care about building a reputation in all towns of Bromley.

Customer care

1) Customer satisfaction

At EOT, the customer care personnel is trained to answer the client to satisfaction. Your call will be transferred to the available agent immediately. We understand that at this time, you are in a hurry to get everything fixed at your premises. The customer care will give you our quotations and answer any question you might have. They will tell you in detail the process of booking and the amount of time to be used in the job. We are patient to listen to your specifications and opinions till we finalize the job. Moreover, EOT customer care is available day and night. Make a booking any time with us

2) Professionalism


Over the years, we have learnt the things that property owners look for in cleanliness. We have therefore acquired a checklist, which has become our system of cleaning. If you watch us as we clean, you will notice a big difference between our cleaning and what you would have done. Hang around to ascertain this.