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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Camden

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Camden is one of the up and coming places to live in London. Not only is it unbeatable in its location (five minutes from Central London) and diversity, it is a big hit with tourists. With the street art, the wide variety of street foods and not forgetting the Camden market, it is not lacking in buzz. Plus let us not forget, this is where the legendary singer, Amy Winehouse lived. With more and more people choosing to live in this area, there are some services that are completely lifesaving. One of them is professional cleaning services.

EOT Cleaning Services is giving you one less thing to worry about when moving to or around Camden. We offer professional cleaning services for your vacated house/office space. We are well equipped to handle everything from domestic cleaning to commercial cleaning. We will even work on those stubborn stains on your carpet, scrub your sinks and walls and clear out the accumulated dirt on your gutter. With EOT services becoming increasingly popular, especially with our busy lives, we want to meet your needs and leave you satisfied.

Why should you get EOT Cleaning Services to work for you?

We will save you money; Even though the thought of hiring a professional cleaning service may look like an unnecessary cost, it will actually be lighter on your financial load. Think of it this way; whether you are the landlord or tenant of the space, you will need to take time off from your work to tend to the cleaning. Plus, you will need to buy all the cleaning equipment and products to complete the job yourself. So instead of buying all these products that you might not end up using again in a long time, let us save you that hassle.

We will save you valuable time; giving your house a good clean is not only strenuous, but it is also time consuming. We are taking this burden off your shoulders and freeing up your schedule so that you can attend to other matters. This also works well in case you have other potential tenants lined up immediately the space is vacated. Instead of delaying the process of viewing the property and eventually renting it out again to spruce it up, we shall handle that end and make sure that the place is sparkling and ready.

We ensure deep and complete cleaning; we are thorough in our work, ensuring that each room and surface gets the attention that it needs to rid it of piled up dirt. We use high powered devices and the best cleaning agents to ensure that the space is dirt and bacteria free. We have a checklist that we go by to make sure that all cleaning activities have been taken care of and to the client’s satisfaction.

We are convenient; Not only do we come to you at your own convenience; we come with our own cleaning products and machines. All you will need to do is open the door and the rest is on us! The whole cleaning process takes about five hours, so we can arrange the timing that works best for you and work around that.

We have qualified and reliable staff; all the cleaners and housekeepers have gone through background checks and come highly recommended. We understand the need to have people who know how to do their work meticulously so that we meet your standards. The cleaners are trustworthy and therefore there is no need to worry about any security matters. We usually match the client to a personal cleaner and that way it will be easier to address any complaints or issues if they arise.

We will improve your occupancy rate; the first impression is very important, especially when it comes to matters that are business related. As a landlord, you do not want your space to remain unoccupied for a long time as that is money being lost. No one wants to move to a place that looks shabby and dirty, and to remedy that, we are here to help. We shall ensure that your place looks sparkling clean and well taken care of so that tenants get a good feel about it from the get-go.

We will reduce any complaints on issues relating cleanliness; when new tenants move in, there might be issues arising from the general hygiene that does not meet their level of expectation or areas that were looked over by the previous tenants. We shall reduce this as we ensure that all the areas are thoroughly and professionally cleaned leaving the space spotless.

We shall reduce the wear and tear of surfaces; when a surface, for example, a hard wood floor is cleaned with a harsh cleaning detergent and not polished properly, it will wear out faster giving the space an unkempt look. This will give it the feel of being older and more lived in and this is not what the potential tenant might be going for. To avoid this, our cleaners ensure that all floors and surfaces are cleaned as per their care instructions. We have trained our staff to the highest standards and therefore, they are well capable of handling the different materials that are in your space.

We eliminate health risks; in some spaces, there are disease causing bacteria that once exposed to over a period of time, can cause serious and even life threatening health problems. With our meticulous work culture, we have trained our cleaners to never leave any stone unturned. They will clean and disinfect even the least obvious areas to ensure that the place is spotless and risk free.

Conclusion: Give EOT Cleaning Services a chance and you are sure to be impressed by the level of professionalism and standard of our work. We aim to meet the client’s needs and demands to the best of our abilities and leaving a smile on their faces.
We work with an honest and hardworking team that ensures the best possible results for the clients.