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Tenancy Cleaning Services in Limehouse

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Limehouse

Moving from one place to the other can be stressful, time consuming and involves a lot of work and time of which time is a luxury most people don’t have in the modern world. It gets especially tricky if you are a tenant who has to honor their end of tenancy agreement that stipulates they should clean up before moving out. Are you a resident of Limehouse and in a similar predicament? Looking to complete your end of tenancy cleaning before vacating rental property? Or even a landlord, real estate manager looking to clean up premises in readiness for next tenant? EOT Cleaning Services is glad to inform you that we are the real pros.  Let’s handle all your end of tenancy cleaning needs and you’ll be sure that all will go well. We have the perfect solution, and if you have been looking for a cleaning company that best suits your criteria to facilitate your moving out in Limehouse area, well look no further, we have the answer you have been looking for!

Who are We?

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Kitchen services

  1. Cleaning of wall tiles removing grease build up and any growing mouldy substance.
  2. We clean the interior sections of the cupboards removing any old and unwanted items and disposing them off.
  3. Cleaning the refrigerator removing any deposits of food and mildew.
  4. Disposing of rubbish from the dustbin and cleaning it.
  5. Washing and polishing all working areas and surfaces.

General services

  1. Dusting all furniture items and skirting boards and vacuum cleaning the carpets.
  2. Washing the floors using the right type of washing detergents and dry mopping them.
  3. Cleaning the interior parts of the windows and wiping down sills.
  4. Cleaning all doors and polishing the handles of the doors. Clearing the drawers of any rubbish e.g. old magazines and unwanted papers.
  5. Cleaning of cushions and vacuuming of upholstery.
  6. Unblocking of sewer lines and removing silt from the drainage systems.
  7. Cleaning  windows and doors (including their handles)

Bathroom services

  1. Cleaning the basins, taps and shower drying and polishing them.
  2. Removing left over shampoos and soaps
  3. Washing the floors and sanitizing them.
  4. Cleaning the walls and scrubbing them and clearing any mould growing

Bedroom services

  1. We clean all bedroom furniture and every storage area both the interior and exterior.
  2. Cleaning of the carpet and vacuuming

In the commercial services

  1. We clean the offices and pull down every sub structures erected by the client.
  2. Repaint the walls afresh sealing every hole or dent created on the walls as a result of the client’s activities.
  3. We polish faded surfaces and repair damaged stair cases and handrails.
  4. On special arrangement, we can clear the compound and cut down overgrown vegetation and grass to the required level.
  5. We repair broken walkways, replace loose cabros and pavements.
  6. Cleaning roof tops and removing cobwebs from ceiling.

When you choose to work with EOT, don’t you worry yourself about getting the job done correctly; you can fully depend on us to do a thorough and meticulous job. An end of tenancy cleaning is more than just having dedicated cleaners. It’s also about having a courteous and responsive customer care team. In that regard, you can reach out to EOT Cleaning any day of the week either via phone, email, or even directly on our site. You’ll be listened to and we can dispatch our crews in a matter of hours. It doesn’t matter where you’re located in Limehouse, or the size of your premises. We’ll be your caring and listening partner, putting your interests first. Our end of tenancy cleaning is bound to give you peace of mind plus you’ll be in good books with your landlord even when gone.

EOT Cleaning Services is now giving handsome discounts and offers as we head to the Easter Season. Take advantage and get our reputable services at discounted rates. This applies to tenants, landlords, or managers of rental properties looking to have multiple units cleaned. Talk to us today  on 020 33 711 200.