Domestic Cleaning in Hammersmith

Our standard domestic cleaning in Hammersmith includes everything from floor to ceiling. For instance, the carpets will be vacuumed, surfaces wiped and bathrooms scrubbed. While all taps, mirrors and windows will shine as if they are brand new.

We use a methodical approach that produces a room-by-room transformation. Our comprehensive bathroom cleaning prevents mould and limescale. The kitchen appliances will receive intensive cleaning. Equally, bedrooms undergo a full cleanse from our Hammersmith domestic cleaning team.

If there are particular chores you don’t have time for, simply let us know. For instance, a greasy oven, neglected fridge or dirty dishes. We can tailor our services to accommodate these wishes. Simply call our friendly team with your requirements and we will respond with a free quote.

If you are moving, ask for our thorough Hammersmith end of tenancy cleaning. This service attentively caters to all the nooks and crannies of your home that will certainly be scrutinised during the inventory check.